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Chipped - The Heads (2) - Relaxed Rehearsal Tape + (CDr)

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  1. Principles of operation. The electromagnetic arrangement of a tape head is generally similar for all types, though the physical design varies considerably depending on the application - for example videocassette recorders (VCR) use rotating heads which implement a helical scan, whereas most audio recorders have fixed heads.A head consists of a core of magnetic material arranged into a doughnut.
  2. Originating out of Bristol, England, the Heads brought a somewhat milder, heavily psychedelic bent to the '90s' teeming stoner rock scene. On their debut, Relaxing With, the band alternates between Hawkwind-like space rock drone themes ("Widowmaker," the driving opener "Quad") and post-Detroit fuzz/punk freakouts à la MC5 ("Don't know Yet," the quite brilliant "Television").
  3. May 28,  · In fact wider 2" heads are easier to lap because they are more likely to stay level while you take off the excess. 1/4" and 1/2" heads need more care. More care is also required for ceramic heads as this material is harder than the metal types, but they are still perfectly doable with ordinary wet/dry abrasive paper.
  4. Audio Tape Head Cleaning Fluid Tip: After cleaning your tape heads and entire tape path it's generally a good idea to demagnetize. Due to flammability this product ships via USPS Ground Service inside the United States only.
  5. Jan 15,  · where is the best company or place to get heads relapped? I was looking at jrf magnetics. They list the cost as for 1/2 inch 8 tracks. I have a tsr-8 and it only has 2 heads not 3. So Im hoping to get a deal of some kind cause its not a normal 3 head job only 2. If they said instead of 3 Id say sure. So Im looking for other options.
  6. Splicit Reel Audio Products is the nation's innovative supplier of analog audio tape and accessories carrying a full-line of reel to reel audio tape products including Capture Audio Tape, Recording The Masters, splicing blocks, kits, leader tape, splicing tape, reverse foil tape, NAB aluminum reels, 7" plastic reels, demagnetizers, setup boxes and more.
  7. Quad, Chipped, Woke Up, Widowmaker and Coogan's Bluff easily stand as the band's most punishing tracks that offer little other than monster riffs. To be honest I don't know which version of The Heads I prefer - this version that pretty much just straight up rocks out or the later version that concentrates on noise rather than riffs.
  8. Mar 03,  · Tracklist: A1 Quad A2 Don't Know Yet A3 Chipped A4 Slow Down A5 U 33 B1 Television B2 Woke Up B3 Widowmaker B4 Taken Too Much B5 Coogan's Bluff.

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